Scissor Lift 19′

Skyjack 19′ Scissor Lifts.

The most used compact lifts around! The Skyjack 19′ lifts are the most ideal machines for jobs that require a small compact space with a higher ledge or ceiling to get to. With our 19′ Lifts, you will be able to reach those pesky areas that are too compact for bigger lifts but higher than a typical ladder. Rent one today and see what the buzz is all about!

Rental Times&Prices

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Rental Specifications




Work Height

Guardrail Height

Rollout Extension

19 ft

30 inches

30 inches x 64 inches

25 ft

39 inches

36 inches

Work Height

Raised Platform Height

Lowered Platform Height

Overall Width

Overall Length

Stowed Height (Rails Up)

Stowed Height (Rails Down)

Platform Width (Inside Dimension)

Platform Length (Inside Dimension)

Extension Deck (Roll Out)

Ground Clearance (Stowed)

Ground Clearance (raised)


Tire Type

Tire Size

25 ft

19 ft

39 inches

32 inches

70 inches

78.5 inches

OPT 64.5 inches

26 inches

64 inches

3 ft

2.375 inches

0.7 inches

55 inches

Solid, N/M

12 x 4 x 8

Drive Speed (Stowed)

Drive Speed (Raised)

Maximum Drive Height

Turning Radius (Inside)

Turning Radius (Outside)

Electric System



2 mph

0.7 mph

Full Height


66 inches

24 volts

220 amp/hr

19 amp



Lift Time

Lower Time

Capacity (Overall)

Dist Cap (Main Platform)

Dist Cap (Ext Deck)

2,580 lbs

30 %

35 seconds

29 seconds

550 lbs

300 lbs

250 lbs

Available Store Locations

This rental can be found at the following stores ...

Nampa Store

|    208-475-4820    |

Twin Falls Store

|    208-732-7368    |

Burley Store

|    208-678-7368    |

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