Rental Template – spec tabs

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Rental Specifications

Emissions Tier (EPA)

Engine Cooling

Engine Fuel


Turbocharged Engine

Tier 4




Rated Operating Capaticy (SAE)

Operating Capacity (50% of Tip)

Tipping Load

Operating Weight

Travel Speed

Travel Speed (2-speed option)

Ground Pressure (Rubber)

2,100 lb

3,000 lb

6,000 lb

8,555 lb

6.2 mph

10 mph

5.3 psi

Fuel Tank

43.9 gal

System Relief @ Quick Couplers

Auxiliary Std Flow

Auxiliary High Flow

3,500 psi

23 gal/min

30.5 gal/min


Length without Attachment

Length with Standard Bucket


Width (with bucket)


Height with Operator Cab

Height to Bucket Hinge Pin

Reach @ Max Height

Turning Radius

Length of track on ground

Track Width

Track Width – Optional

108.4 in

108.4 in

136.8 in

72.9 in

74 in

81.3 in

81.3 in

121 in

24.1 in

88.1 in

58.5 in

12.6 in

17.7 in

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