Powered Wheel Barrow

SB1600 Stone Powered Wheelbarrow/Concrete Buggy

This machine is excellent at moving Concrete and such on the go! With its tilt capability the concrete buggy is one of a kind at compact concrete movement and other materials as well. Its self propel option is also perfect for moving heavy loads of concrete, mud, gravel, dirt and more without breaking a sweat!

Stone’s Mud Buggy easily moves concrete, mud, gravel, dirt and more over tough job sites. The Mud Buggy overcomes the worst obstacles and obstructions – to get you and your load where it needs to go.

Rental Times&Prices

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Rental Specifications


Model:——————- SB1600

L x W x H:————–105.5 x 46 x 45 in

Weight:—————–1440 lbs

Capacity:—————16 cu ft.

Maximum Load:——2,500 lbs

Discharge Height:—6.5 in

Engine:————–13 hp Honda

Speed:—————6.8 mph

Available Store Locations

This rental can be found at the following stores ...

Nampa Store

Twin Falls Store

Burley Store

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