Boom Lift 45′ R.T

Boom Lift 45′ 4X4 Rough Terrain

These lifts are excellent for those hard to reach heights that require a little torquing to go with it. Different from its brother counter part (Scissor Lifts) the boom lifts are a perfect outdoor/indoor machine with a lot of space to work with. The Boom typically retracts down into a Z shape which also give its the name (Z boom) as well. This machine is a perfect maneuverable lift for any job with the height requirement around 45′.

Model: A46JRT

Rental Times&Prices

4 Hr: Request Quote

1 Dy: Request Quote

1 Wk: Request Quote

1 Mo: Request Quote

Rental Specifications

Max. Working Height

Max Platform Height

Max. Horizontal Reach

Clearance Height at max.

Platform Size

Chassis Width

Overall Length

Stowed Height

Ground Clearance

52 ft 11 inches

46 ft 11 inches

24 ft 11 inches

25 ft 2 inches

39 inches x 72 inches

6 ft 10 inches

18 ft 4 inches

7 ft 2 inches

13 inches

Platform Capacity

Max. Wind Speed

Max. Drive Height

Max. Drive Speed(Stow)

Max. Drive Speed(Raised)

Jib Length

Jib Arc

Platform Rotation

Superstructure Rotation


Raise/lower Time


Inside Turning Rad

Outside Turning Rad



Drive System

500 lbs

28 mph

46 ft 11 inches

4.0 mph

0.8 mph

5 ft

140 degrees

160 degrees

360 non continuous

0 inches

101/98 seconds

40 %

2 ft 8 inches

10 ft 5 inches

Foam Filled lug 355/55D625


4 Wheel Drive


16,620 lbs

Power source

Kubota V1505 24.9 hp diesel Tier 4

Available Store Locations

This rental can be found at the following stores ...

Nampa Store

|    208-475-4820    |

Twin Falls Store

|    208-732-7368    |

Burley Store

|    208-678-7368    |

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