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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-“Do you have trailers to haul the Equipment?”

Answer: Yes we have tilt deck trailers for bigger equipment  and smaller trailers to haul lifts as well.

Q- “Do I need to fuel the Equipment?”

Answer: Yes, our charge on fuel is higher than the normal fuel charges at stations in town. you may however, bring back the equipment not fueled up but you will be charged for the fuel.

Q- “How long can we rent the equipment?”

Answer: We offer a minimum rental of 4 hours with most of our equipment. different machines typically include or exclude the 4 hour minimum, if the machine excludes the 4 hour minimum then it becomes a 1 day minimum rental.

Q- “Can I reserve my equipment ahead of time? How far in advance?”

Answer: Yes of course! You may call to make a reservation for your preferred date and time (within working hours). You are also able to call and make a reservation months in advance up to a year! If you have a project in April and its December then why not make a date to make sure you get the machine you want!

Q- “Can I keep the rental longer than what I had scheduled? Something caused me to extend!”

Answer: Yes, you can always in the majority of cases, keep the machines longer! Things happen and it may cause you to keep the equipment longer. You will have to pay for the extra time you keep it when you return. 

Q- “What happens when I reserve a machine and it is out with another customer when my appointment approaches? Why can’t you just get it back from them?”

Answer: We try our hardest to not intersect reservations with walk-in customers and previous reserved machines. However, things happen and a customer that took a machine for 1 day may keep it for another day or longer cases. This may intervene in your scheduled rental and we understand. We will either get you a machine alike, or (if unavailable) your reservation may have to change. We cannot help how long customers have certain machines out. We try to encourage them to return upon the scheduled date however, that doesn’t always happen.

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