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Construction Miscellaneous Rentals

Wait there's even more Rentals!

Other Rentals that may be store specific! We offer a few other pieces of equipment that may help you with certain situations you may find yourself in as a homeowner/construction worker or DIY fanatic! Call or email us today if you are unsure whether specific equipment may fit you for your project!


Whats a Trencher? Why do I want it?

Trenchers are pieces of Self Moving Machines that use a metal chain with teeth made of steel to rip into the ground, like a giant chainsaw for the ground. Like  an excavator, a trencher tears up the ground and any roots in the way to create a trench. Digging a trench by hand can take hours and several workers to complete. With the help of a trencher, trenchers can cut down the time and number of people needed to finish the project.


Fork Lifts & Reach Fork Rentals

The problem solvers that makes a big difference!

Forklifts and Reach forks also known to most as  (Telehandlers and Gradals), are very useful for any job that requires heights and heavy equipment or materials. Forklifts and Reach forks can be useful for many jobs, Forklifts are compact and leave little to no markings on the floors that it can drive on. If you are looking for a lift that requires a more rough environment to travel through, then Reach forks are the answer. With rigid tires and extensive reaching capability these forks are perfect for lifting pallets to higher floors, sheet metals, barrels, shingles, and much more!

Doosan Track Excavators

Doosan Crawler Excavators: A Tradition of Excellence

You’ll find a crawler excavator model equipped for nearly any digging, lifting and loading application—including confined roadways, major construction projects, mass excavation, heavy-duty mining, scrap handling and more.

Most models feature a long carriage (LC) design that optimizes performance in heavy digging and lifting operations. Additional options include additional counterweight and boom and arm options, including a super long reach option on some models, so you can handle whatever the jobsite throws at you.

Bobcat Attachments for Rent

Versatile attachments!

Bobcat has a variety of attachments that can fit a number of machines its almost safe to say their attachments are universal to their brand! The attachments used with Bobcat machines are nothing but the best. It allows you to switch jobs with ease without having to switch machines entirely! This is the fastest way to get the job done and to get it done correctly!

The attachments that we provide to you are the best pieces to use rather than going out of you way to get another machine for a job that takes just a switch for Bobcat.

Bobcat Track Machine Rentals


Why a Track Loader?

Track Skid-Steers offer accessibility to terrain that most wheeled units would struggle with. Versatile is the goal of this machine, with its ability to climb hills with anti tipping weight integrated into the machine. You won't be able to go rock climbing but the sandy, loose gravel, soft dirt, and even grass can be maneuvered around without tearing up the land itself. The Track Machine is a machine for all terrain jobs that require a powerful machine with a feathered touch.

Mini Track Loaders are the perfect size for you in house work or small tight spaces. This loader has the tracks with minimal damage to any surface its on! This is perfect for small dirt movements, fences posts, and even trenching!

Bobcat Skid-Steer Rentals

Why a Skid-Steer?

Here at Barry Equipment and Rental we value our fleet of skid-steers with the utmost respect. This machine is a valuable asset to whatever job you have to offer, with its 2-speed movement and its Bobcat turbo engine there isn't anything this machine can't handle! Check out our variety of machines we have to offer down below!

Bobcat Excavator Rentals

Why an Excavator?

Excavators are the powerhouse of digging in the construction industry. Whether its trenches, canals, or sewage lines. These excavators are able to do it all, even smaller jobs such as digging out roots, rocks, and more!

Our compact excavator fleet is the best around and by far the prettiest! Stop in to learn more about this machine or give us a call!

Call us today during our office hours for immediate information right away!

Twin Falls 208-732-7368

Nampa 208-475-4825

Burley 208-678-7368

Q-"Do you have trailers to haul the Equipment?"

Answer: Yes we have tilt deck trailers for bigger equipment  and smaller trailers to haul lifts as well.

Q- "Do I need to fuel the Equipment?"

Answer: Yes, our charge on fuel is higher than the normal fuel charges at stations in town. you may however, bring back the equipment not fueled up but you will be charged for the fuel.

Q- "How long can we rent the equipment?"

Answer: We offer a minimum rental of 4 hours with most of our equipment. different machines typically include or exclude the 4 hour minimum, if the machine excludes the 4 hour minimum then it becomes a 1 day minimum rental.

Q- "Can I reserve my equipment ahead of time? How far in advance?"

Answer: Yes of course! You m [...]

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